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Specops Password Management

You set the rules, users take care of the rest.

Specops Password Management addresses both security and flexibility needs by enabling organisations to reach their appropriate level of security across multiple target systems while greatly reducing IT support costs through self-service, accessible anytime, and from any device

Specops Desktop Management

Managing anything from anywhere.

Specops Desktop Management leverages your existing Active Directory infrastructure and provides end-to-end management of the desktop lifecycle – from software deployment to inventory. By simplifying the installation and migration of operating systems, as well as the installation and management of applications, Specops Desktop Management improves IT efficiency, while also cutting operational and consultancy costs. Installations are quick and easy regardless of the size of your organisation, or the location of your computers. Simply right-click on the computer object in Active Directory Users and Computers and let the system take care of the rest.

Gpupdate Pro

Manage any part of your network from a single location.

Specops Gpupdate Professional is the full-featured version of Specops Gpupdate. Specops Gpupdate Professional allows you to manage any part of your network from a single location. Specops Gpupdate Professional extends the functionality of Active Directory Users and Computers and can be used to instantly perform various tasks for a selected computer, or multiple computers within an organisational unit.

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