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Managed IT Support


Managed IT Support

The IT Service Desk is the business’ “window into IT”. It is the single point of contact between IT and business users and the portal through which quality IT service is primarily delivered and the right perception of IT service quality driven.

Pink Elephant’s Managed Service Desk solution provides our clients with the benefit of a mature onsite IT Service Desk  function – built on a foundation of ITIL® and SDI best practice principles – without the need to deal with the typical recruitment and management issues that consume valuable time and resources.

At the core of the solution are our people. Pink Elephant’s service desk agents and supervisors are ITIL® and SDI-trained and certified and service levels are maintained through daily contact with service managers who ensure value delivery and performance. Underpinned by Pink Elephant’s world class team of IT Management consultants and education products, and utilising best-of-breed ITSM tools and technology, our Managed Service Desk solution ensures the IT service desk becomes the centre of excellence and the engine behind the delivery of IT service quality.

Just some of the benefits to our clients include:

  • Access to a world-class IT Service Desk, built on ITIL® best practice process and procedures and deployed by the leaders in Transforming IT Services.
  • Staff members who are selected for the “right mind-set” and their potential to excel.
  • Supervision by experienced Service Desk Managers that drive excellence, proficiency and a culture of customer-focus.
  • The utilisation of leading IT Service Management tools and automating technology.
  • As a standard, detailed reporting of performance against pre agreed service levels and quality criteria.
  • Improved business and customer interactions that result in an immediate, tangible improvement in the service experience.

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Pink Elephant’s Managed IT Support solution can be provided as an offshore service, extending to our clients an even leaner, more accessible turnkey IT Support solution. This brings the added benefits of:

  • A support function that is culturally matched to the client’s organisation and which is aligned according to working hours and time zones.
  • High availability of support for any amount of time, tailored to the client’s unique requirements, up to 24 hours a day, where necessary.
  • Remote device takeover and support across multiple platforms and operating systems using the very latest in remote control and support technology
  • Collaboration with the client’s own technical and third-line support staff and the seamless upstream integration of ITIL® best practice processes and/or tools

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