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ITSM Tool Selection

ITSM Tool Selection

PinkSELECT™ is Pink Elephant’s ITSM Tool Selection Service, which supports the IT Organisation by providing an objective and cost effective assessment of software vendor products that underpin ITIL Service Management Processes. It helps IT Organisations who are implementing the ITIL framework to select technology support for the process implementation, including ITIL Service Support compatibility and associated functionality of a variety of tools.

PinkSELECT™ enables customers to maximise their investment in tools by developing a clear criteria that ensures a consistent mapping to their Service Management processes, and provides the forms, templates and process definition required to facilitate a tool selection process. It provides a vendor neutral process for the design of a well-rounded evaluation process to select the optimum Service Management Tools for a given organisation, including:

  • Focus on the strategic direction of the organisation
  • Functional Requirements Matrix based on the ITIL Framework and enhanced by the consolidated experience from multiple best practice consulting engagements
  • Focus on the technical factors
  • Focus on total cost of ownership

Each PinkSELECT™ service is tailored to the specific organisation, and considered in the overall context of the organisations ITIL journey. Tools combined with additional consulting activities and deliverables will enable each individual customer the flexibility required to meet their own unique needs.

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