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ITSM Process Maturity Assessment

Measure the maturity of your Service Management processes.

PinkScan is Pink Elephant’s ITSM Process Assessment and Benchmarking Service, and is an independent, objective assessment of the ITSM Process maturity within your organisation, compared against ITIL® Best Practices. Measurement is central to good management, especially in today’s competitive environment, and it is imperative that IT deliver efficient and cost effective services to the business. Having a benchmark of the current state is essential for any improvement programme, and the standard PinkScan assessment service provides you with a comprehensive baseline of the maturity of your ITSM processes and allows informed decisions to be made to drive continual service improvement.

Once a benchmark is agreed, a Gap Analysis is conducted which highlights priority areas and processes for improvement, in line with the organisation’s key objectives. The ITSM Process Assessment is conducted through structured interviews with operational and strategic personnel, and based upon the interviews, our experience, and extensive ITIL knowledge-base, an assessment report is produced which provides the baseline maturity levels of each process, based on the Carnegie Mellon Capability Maturity Model. The report also contains detailed recommendations on how to mature your processes, and how to demonstrate tangible improvements in service to the business.

Using the Report, we will detail what needs to be done to each process to bring it up to the desired benchmark level, as well as detail Quick Wins – things that you can do quickly, at low cost, and which will be ‘visible’ to your business and customers. The PinkSCAN service is totally independent of all hardware and software suppliers. Therefore, there will be NO hidden agenda in any of the recommendations other than to improve process.

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