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FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM)

FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM) enables organisations to clearly understand IT service topology from the user experience down to the application, virtual infrastructure and network, and continually tracks changes as they happen. This cloud-based solution fully integrates with Cherwell Service Management and requires significantly less effort, cost and time when compared to legacy Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping tools.


Eliminate Unknowns. All too often, organisations only realise the critical role of a server when it goes down. Only real-time dependency discovery can eliminate the fog of war in today’s constantly changing datacenter.

Centralise to a Single Source of Truth. Discover service-endpoints and their dependencies by their network connectivity, then federate with Cherwell CMDB, with continual change monitoring to adapt as service topologies evolve.

Transform Change Planning. Automated dependency discovery takes the guess work out of measuring the potential impact of a proposed change, and enables avoiding re-work or outages caused by mis-configuration.

Simplify Incident and Problem Management. More accurate and deeper service configuration knowledge enables organisations to radically reduce the time it takes to identify, trace and respond to issues that are impacting your business and your users.

Why this is important for you:

  • Organisations like yours are struggling with inaccurate or out-dated information. With the accurate maps we can provide, you’re armed to make better decisions and achieve better outcomes.
  • If unplanned outages can be reduced by 20% or more, the solution pays for itself and frees up IT to focus on business-driving projects.
  • FireScope DDM’s Cloud-based delivery has a minimal footprint within your datacenter, and ongoing effort is so low that our customers don’t have to dedicate an FTE to the solution.
  • The integration with Cherwell CMDB takes the effort and doubt out of making sure that everyone in IT has clear visibility into service dependencies.


Imagine what you could achieve if your Cherwell CMDB was service aware, always up to date and required no effort to keep up. That’s the power of FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping.


Watch the Video: FireScope DDM 7-Minute Demo

Watch the Video: FireScope DDM 27-Minute Deep Dive Demo

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