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Pink Elephant consulting brings to our clients the benefit of hands-on IT Service Management and Governance guidance and interventions through our in depth understanding of international best practice frameworks and standards including ITIL®, COBIT, Prince2 and ISO20000. Our Consulting services go beyond the theory, delivering true business value by means of practical application by the world’s “Leaders in transforming IT Services.”

For us, consulting is more than providing expert guidance or hands on assistance. It’s about partnering with our clients to bring about a holistic lifecycle of sustainable improvement and quality, fully imbedded in the structures and culture of each organisation we work with. As humans (and this includes consultants), we live our lives according to patterns of learning, growth and fulfillment. Why should our businesses be any different?

The basis for our consulting services are our pragmatic approaches to the on-going fulfillment of stakeholder needs. We begin by looking at the heart of an organisation, deriving each and every unique solution from the very principles upon which our clients operate. It’s not a question of “what” our consultants do. It’s all about “why” our clients ask us to do it. We don’t implement service management processes, we drive business value. We don’t implement standards, we enhance quality and competitiveness. We don’t plan projects; we accomplish excellent results, each and every time. Business improvement is not accomplished in occasional short bursts of frantic activity but rather through a steady process of reviewing, adapting, aligning and refining. It’s a lot like climbing up a spiral staircase; each floor is reached by repeating the same steady pattern:

  • Understanding the vision – Knowing what drives our clients’ businesses, identifying what needs to be achieved and defining a strategy that aims to fulfill those needs,
  • Assessing – Analysing the current state of the IT service and governance environment in relation to the vision, benchmarking the capability of existing processes and mechanisms and establishing a baseline against which the success of future improvements can be gauged,
  • Planning – Building roadmaps for improvement and growth, defining improvement initiatives, crafting detailed project plans and forecasting the skills and resources needed to execute them,
  • Implementing – Acting on the plans, following the roadmaps, executing the projects and realising the benefits…

…and once those benefits have been realised, starting again, this time from an elevated position and aiming for the next tier of quality and excellence.

Our consulting model reflects this lifecycle approach to improvement and growth. By defining a vision that is based on understanding the “why”, we articulate the goals and objectives that drive our client’s needs. Then, by fully assessing the current state and defining the gaps to be filled, we craft specific plans and roadmaps for improvement and then draw on our wealth of knowledge, tools, products and the best in international frameworks and standards to define and implement the solutions that enable our clients to ascend towards ever increasing quality of service and realisation of value.

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