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Enable your business with Pink Elephant automation and application development. We offer a range of Best of Breed (BoB) Technologies to build bespoke business process solutions or implement one of our ready built applications to take your operations to the next level. Using the most innovative software development platforms on the market we provide fast and efficient turnaround to the highest quality standards, tested and ready to deploy. Dedicated resources turn your business problems into readily useable applications.

Our platforms of choice for Application Services & Development are: (Cherwell, Mendix, Bomgar, Specops, FireScope)


Change is the only constant in software development projects. The question is – how do we deal with it? Pink Elephant uses Agile for all delivery and design work.

We develop in two-week iterations called ‘sprints’ and deliver working, shippable software at the end of each. Close coordination with your staff and organisation, intensive communication, feedback and team spirit enable an effective work process. Our customers don’t wait for three months to see what we built for them – they can be as involved as they want to be and any changes or new features can simply be added into the next iteration. Pink Elephant also offers Agile training and certification.

Download the Pink-Agile-Framework-White-Paper



Of Agile projects finish sooner Faster prototyping and delivery Lines of code on average – almost no code required! Standard reusable modules in our App store Primary Mendix and Cherwell partner in SA – Pink Elephant

All our solutions are:


We integrate with SAP, Sharepoint, Salesforce, and many other platforms

Your solution can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises

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  • PinkSCAN – a “do it yourself” approach for benchmarking your ITSM processes. Developed using the Mendix platform.

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